•Adventure Snacks•

One of our favorite things to do here at the nerd house? Well, try questionable snacks, of course!
We love, love, love to try pretty much any snack with strange (to us) ingredients, funny names, packages covered in languages we don't read, or anything cute, unusual, or gimmicky. (Because, yeah, we totally know how to party.) 😀
Because I care deeply about your snacking knowledge, I share this information with you...to save you from pain and suffering...or to help you discover something that you may never have guessed would be delightful. It's kind of a public service announcement. (Okay, okay, not really...we just like to have an excuse to get our snack on.) 😉
Check out some past adventure snacks below! (Eventually I'll get these all organized by rating, but, for now, just take a gamble and see what you find.) 😉