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•Weekend Coffee Share•


Weekend Coffee Share is a weekly opportunity to cozy up and have a chat (over coffee, of course) with an awesome variety of bloggers...including you! Everyone is welcome to join in the Weekend Coffee Share fun!
Every Saturday, I'll unleash a Weekend Coffee Share post of my own...complete with a link-up for you to share your Weekend Coffee posts with the world.
The coffee share has a Facebook and Twitter hashtag, #weekendcoffeeshare, which is in use through the weekend and sometimes into the week. (Want to be super-sure that I see that tweet? Feel free to tag @NerdintheBrain!)
Want to join in the fun? You can click on that nice cup of coffee just below these words to see the most recent Weekend Coffee Share link-up! (Have more questions? No problem! Keep scooting down this page, and you'll find a super-handy FAQ.) 🙂


Have questions? No worries! Part-Time Monster (our previous host and a fabulously talented and lovely human) has provided us with some nifty questions that she frequently received as host of Weekend Coffee Share, and I've popped in my own take on the answers. 🙂
Q: Do I have to post on the weekend?
A: Nope! You post any ol' time that works for you and your blog. If you'd like to post sometime other than the weekend, you can always add your link to the next weekend's link-up.
Q: When is the link-up open?
A: Each weekly link-up opens on Saturday at  8:00 a.m. (Eastern Time) and closes at 11:55 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Sunday.
Q: But what if I don’t drink coffee?
A: Hehe! That is so, so okay. 🙂 You can imagine your chatting is happening over tea and scones, lemonade and fruit, milk and cookies, champagne and caviar...or whatever suits you. The point is sharing a cozy chat with friends...what we're drinking while we do it is of little consequence. 😉
Q: I don’t really think I have enough to say every week, so can I just participate sometimes?
A: Absolutely! You won't be banished from the kingdom for "missing" a week (or a month or year). This is a "drop in" sort of affair...no guilt and no obligation...the best kind of party!
Q: Can I participate in the link up with more than one blog?
A: If the two blogs have different Weekend Coffee Share posts, then that would be fine and dandy!
Q: How do I add my link to the list?
A: Click on that pretty button with the coffee bean heart and fill in the information about your post. (It's quick and simple!) The link-up button looks like this (but this one isn't active...it's just for demonstration purposes):
Q: What’s the deal with that hashtag thing you guys keep talking about?
A: "A hashtag is just a way of cataloging posts on some social media platforms; they’re very much like WordPress tags. Spending time browsing the #weekendcoffeeshare tag on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress and including the #weekendcoffeeshare tag when sharing your own and others’ coffee posts  are good ways to meet other bloggers and to boost the signal range of your post." (I "stole" this answer straight from Part-Time Monster.) 😉