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Hello to all of you gettin’-your-life-clean lovelies! It’s an exciting week here…because it’s the week that we get started with the actual Clean Plan. Yep, we’re going to tackle those messes (or just the upkeep of an already tidy home) in an organized fashion that doesn’t involve busting our rumps for hours a day.


We’ll be starting our nice, clean lives by doing a few tasks each day in our kitchens and broom closets…the parts of our homes that I lovingly refer to as “Area 1.”


Some notes before we get this party started:

  • Starting with the kitchen is very intentional…kitchens are used frequently, seen frequently by all members of the household (and guests), and can sort of “set the tone” for the whole house…not to mention a kitchen that gets too dirty can lead to some pretty icky consequences.
  • I’m providing a list of tasks for each day below, but this is not a “I must follow all of the rules” situation. Your kitchen may be different and have different needs. If you need to skip or add things to make this perfect for your home, go right ahead!
  • Perfection is not the goal! Don’t get hung up on making things absolutely perfect…because even if you manage to reach perfection, it’s only going to stay that way for about 14 nanoseconds. 😉 Seriously, don’t lose free time in your life to doing work that isn’t necessary…just getting things done is usually quite enough.
  • Some of these tasks might take longer than you’d like the first time around, but if you keep up with a plan, it will be easier and quicker every time you do it.
  • If you’re in a “my house is too messy to clean” place (and, yes, I know that exists), I want you to do a couple of things. First, spend absolutely zero time beating yourself up about it. Instead spend some time doing something about it. Spend a few minutes (5, 10, 15, 20…you decide) each day this week clearing clutter and mess from your kitchen. It will be a really useful step to just get rid of the things you don’t want or need…donate, recycle, gift, throw away. I suggest starting in one corner and working your way around the room.
  • Don’t forget your Daily Routines and Weekly Tasks! I’ll be adding some widgets to this page in the next couple of days, and they’ll include some items from my Daily Routine and Weekly Tasks…if you’ve already created your Routines and Tasks, you keep doing you!


Okay, let’s do this!



For your cleaning pleasure, I present our first Weekly Clean Plan (which includes a list of tasks to be completed and a day-by-day task list):


Area 1: The Kitchen Clean List | A Clean Life - Nerd in the Brain


Click either image for a pdf version to save or print. (This might be handy to post on your refrigerator or keep in your planner.)


Area 1: The Kitchen Task List | A Clean Life - Nerd in the Brain


Pretty straightforward, no? Each day’s tasks should only take a few minutes out of your day (even less if you have a helper), and you’ll end up with a nice sparkly kitchen for your efforts. Nifty!



I’ll also be adding daily task lists, bonus challenges, and tips on the Nerd in the Brain Facebook page. Be sure to join me there if you’d like some daily information and motivation!


New to the blog and looking to get started with A Clean Life? You can check out previous posts HERE.



Will you be cleaning your kitchen this week? Do you have a mess situation that you’re overwhelmed by…or are you tidy person looking for an organized cleaning system? If you have questions, need motivation or encouragement, or want to share pictures of cleaning victories, feel free to contact me via email or social media!



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