Three Things Thursday: Ballet, Geese, & Disc Golf

Big, Important Announcement!


Starting next week (May 11, 2017), Three Things Thursday will be hosted by the fantastic Natalie of There She Goes! Go ahead and check out her awesome blog…and definitely return there next Thursday for some Three Things fabulousness. 😀


While I will miss hosting Three Things Thursday (and will still participate in some way…even if it gets moved away from the blog and onto social media), I’m super-excited about the changes and re-focusing I’ll be doing here at Nerd in the Brain over the next few months. I’m also super-excited that Three Things Thursday will be moving to such an amazing new home. 🙂



Welcome back to Three Things Thursday, a way to fill your blogs and social media with the happy!


Three Things Thursday is a simple concept that everyone is encouraged to play along with. All it requires is listing three (or more!) things that are making your life awesome. Please note! The three things you choose each week do not need to be big, huge, mighty, impressive things. In fact, I think it’s much better to focus on smaller, sillier things…because focusing on those little bits of joy and the gigglesnorts that they bring…well, that’s where day-to-day contentment lives, I believe.


So, how do you participate? Easy as falling off a log! Whip up a blog post about three things that are making you smile…then share it on the link up in this post. Don’t want to do a whole blog post? Feel free to post some pictures on Facebook or Instagram! If you tag me in your pictures, I 100% promise to give them appropriate love.❤


Just one more thing! Three Things Thursday posts actually don’t need to be done on Thursdays! I leave the link up active for the whole week every week…so you can be grateful on your own schedule.🙂


Okay, here we goooooo…





All of the pretty flowers blooming in front of the theater where my BFF and I went to the ballet last Friday made for a great view…beautiful weather, wonderful company, and a spectacular performance! 🙂


Three Things Thursday: Flowers & Theater | Nerd in the Brain




I love this goose family! They are kind enough to let John and I walk right through their property multiple times per week. 🙂 (Also, those trees reflected in the water are pretty awesome.)


Three Things Thursday: Goose Family & Tree Reflections | Nerd in the Brain




John and I have been having a great time making use of the new disc golf course at our favorite park. The course is a winding meander through the park with long, curved fairways and fairly heavy woods on each side. Because of this, we’re sometimes throwing blind and hoping we’re correctly aiming toward the “hole”/basket. Last weekend, we were in such a situation, and we both had pretty good throws that cruised around a curve and out of sight. Upon walking to catch up to our discs, we were pretty amused to see that our throws had landed this close together. 😀 (We’re thinking this must be the result of some sort of marriage force on our throwing techniques.) 😉


Three Things Thursday: Disc Golf Togetherness | Nerd in the Brain



Now, my blog friends old and new, it’s your turn! Click on that little graphic below to share your own three things that are bringing you joy (or leave your list in the comments).🙂


Three Things Thursday Link Image | Nerd in the Brain


And go ahead and grab a badge while you’re at it…because badges are awesome!🙂




Looking for even more ways to focus on the happy? Check out Trent’s Weekly Smile link up…it happens every week, and it’s just full of happiness. 🙂



What’s putting a smile on your face this week? Share your gigglesnorts!😀 I would love, love, love to hear all about the awesome bits of life that are making you feel warm and fuzzy.




  • Andrew May 4, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    I love me some disc golf! Wish there was a course near my neighborhood.

    • Nerd in the Brain May 5, 2017 at 7:17 am

      We love it, too! John and I were both so happy when the park announced that they were adding disc golf…we hadn’t played in years because there were no courses near us after we moved 5 years ago. Maybe you’ll get lucky and a local park will add a course soon. 🙂

  • Natalie May 4, 2017 at 12:56 pm

    Really looking forward to hosting! Thank you so much for the opportunity 😀 Disc golf sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Nerd in the Brain May 5, 2017 at 7:16 am

      Disc golf is really fun! You should definitely try it if you ever get the chance. 🙂

      I can’t wait to see what you do with Three Things Thursday…I know it will be amazing!


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