Three Things Thursday: Stamps, Games, & Prettier Coffee



Welcome back to Three Things Thursday, a way to fill your blogs and social media with the happy!


Three Things Thursday is a simple concept that everyone is encouraged to play along with. All it requires is listing three (or more!) things that are making your life awesome. Please note! The three things you choose each week do not need to be big, huge, mighty, impressive things. In fact, I think it’s much better to focus on smaller, sillier things…because focusing on those little bits of joy and the gigglesnorts that they bring…well, that’s where day-to-day contentment lives, I believe.


So, how do you participate? Easy as falling off a log! Whip up a blog post about three things that are making you smile…then share it on the link up in this post. Don’t want to do a whole blog post? Feel free to post some pictures on Facebook or Instagram! If you tag me in your pictures, I 100% promise to give them appropriate love.❤


Just one more thing! Three Things Thursday posts actually don’t need to be done on Thursdays! I leave the link up active for the whole week every week…so you can be grateful on your own schedule.🙂


Okay, here we goooooo…




I needed to pick up some stamps earlier this week (for mailing out Valentines!), and I was delighted to find that our post office had both Wonder Woman and Star Trek stamps! I couldn’t decide, so I got a sheet of each. 🙂


Three Things Thursday- Wonder Woman and Star Trek Stamps - Nerd in the Brain



My weekend with the Lady Gamers was absolutely fantastic (as usual!)…one of the new games in our line up was Pandemic Iberia. Don’t worry! We totally saved the world (well, Iberia anyway) from typhus, and we only had to cheat a little bit. 😉




I have finally, finally, finally decided to make a better decorative choice than “box of tea bags and can of coffee thrown in corner.” That was a good look and everything, but I think the glass jars and little metal bucket are much more attractive…and every bit as functional. 😀


Three Things Thursday- A Prettier Coffee Corner - Nerd in the Brain



Now, my blog friends old and new, it’s your turn! Click on that little graphic below to share your own three things that are bringing you joy (or leave your list in the comments).🙂


Three Things Thursday Link Image | Nerd in the Brain


And go ahead and grab a badge while you’re at it…because badges are awesome!🙂




Looking for even more ways to focus on the happy? Check out Trent’s Weekly Smile link up…it happens every week, and it’s just full of happiness. 🙂



What’s putting a smile on your face this week? Share your gigglesnorts!😀 I would love, love, love to hear all about the awesome bits of life that are making you feel warm and fuzzy.



  • Andrew | Life Between 0 and 1 February 9, 2017 at 7:59 am

    Star Trek stamps!!! Need. Star. Trek. Stamps!

    • Nerd in the Brain February 9, 2017 at 8:10 am

      Hehe! You better carry yourself down to the post office…or, you know, get on their website. 🙂 You should have seen the little dance of nerdly glee I did when I discovered that there were Star Trek stamps! 😀

    • Nerd in the Brain February 9, 2017 at 8:13 am

      Also, I just fixed the link up thing…just in case you were having trouble with that. (Mistakes were made…they’ve now been corrected.) 🙂

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  • Mary Daniels Brown February 11, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    I had been out of Three Things Thursday action for about 3 months due to the proverbial circumstances beyond my control. When I tried to return, the URL I had for your blog no longer worked. But I just came across you again on another blog that referenced the move of Weekend Coffee Share. I look forward to getting back into looking for three awesome things each week, and I may even jump on Weekend Coffee Share as well. Love the new web site!

    • Nerd in the Brain February 12, 2017 at 6:49 am

      I’m so sorry I became hard to find for a bit. I was experimenting with blog things and finally settled on continuing Nerd in the Brain as a self-hosted site. It did cause quite a bit of confusion…and even though it has the same url, people who followed before are no longer getting my posts in their feeds. It’s all very confusing, but things should be nice and stable now. 🙂

      I’m excited that you’ll be returning for Three Things Thursday! 😀 And you joining in the Weekend Coffee Share fun would be great! I look forward to seeing you there. 🙂

      And thank you for the nice words about the new site! I’m still tinkering and shifting and growing, but I’m really happy with how things are going. 🙂

      Have an amazing week!


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