Wacky Fun Plants: Dinosaur & Zombie Plants

One of the most amazing things about the plant kingdom, in my little opinion, is the huge variety of adaptations and survival techniques plants have cleverly put into place. While it may seem like plants are just a pile of green leafiness subject to the whims of their environments, there is so much more going on in those little leaves and stems! Keep reading to find out all about the near-magical powers of the mighty dinosaur and zombie plants. (And, of course, they’re not really called that…those are just common names, but they happen to be common names that include two of my favorite things, so I’m sticking with them.) 😉


Learn about some of the wondrous adaptations those wacky plants have come up with to further their survival. Dinosaur and zombie plants are educational and fascinating! | Learn more at Nerd in the Brain


Zombie Plants


Zombie Plants have gotten their fun name because the leaves will “play dead” when touched…and then spring back to life a few minutes later. (Not particularly “zombie-like” at all, but the name seems to be a pretty good marketing strategy.) 😉 While these plants don’t take humans down in the name of brain consumption or dig their way out of graves, they’re still pretty darn neat to play with.


Upon discovering that zombie plants were a thing, I promptly ordered this kit from Amazon.*


Let’s have a peek at how things went, shall we?


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Awesome, right?!? They do that “leaf closing up” thing to protect themselves from dangers in their midst. Neat!


Well, as I mentioned earlier, these little guys aren’t really called zombie plants. They’re actually Mimosa pudica, and you can find some more information about them here.


Dinosaur Plants


Another spiffy plant friend is the might dinosaur plant. If you spotted this bit of nifty out in the world, you’d probably think it was just a dead, dried up piece of plant matter…but you’d be wrong! As a way of coping with the dry conditions of its desert environment, the dinosaur plant can totally dry up and then pop back to its full plant-y glory when exposed to water. Check it out:


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What a great way to deal with water shortages. 🙂 Again, this plant isn’t actually named after dinosaurs…apparently this common name is used in reference to the fact that the plant species has existed since dinosaurs frolicked about. This plant is really called Selaginella lepidophylla, and you can read (a very small bit) about it here.


I purchased my dinosaur plant here,* and I’ve been quite pleased with the quality.


Want to Know More?


Do you have questions about dinosaur plants or zombie plants? If so, just pop them in the comments. I’ll do my best to track down answers for you. Have you ever grown (or revived) your own zombie plants or dinosaur plants? What did you think? Super spiffy? Do you know of any other plants with interesting adaptations? Tell us all about them!


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Wacky Fun Plants: Dinosaur & Zombie Plants | Nerd in the Brain




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  • Kayly Nyman June 21, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    So cool! We may have to get some of these for ourselves – I’m sure my kiddo would love them! I’ve seen plants like the Dinosaur Plant before – it’s amazing how quickly they ‘come to life’ when exposed to water!


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